Massblasters is a social community that sends out bulk sms text messages for businesses and individuals globally. Massblasters also offers social influencer marketing services as well. Social influencer marketing allows users that are on platforms, like instagram, facebook, youtube, and other platforms, to promote businesses and brands on their live channel amongst thousands of live followers in real time, as well as have the social influencer send out mobile sms text to their audience. Unlike other sms and texting platforms, massblasters provides the mobile numbers for your campaign. Just give us your target demographic by filling out the form. And we will send out your mass sms on the required date and time. You can order a sms package directly fron Massblasters, or you can hire a massblaster influencer thats in our community. Massblasters will not send sms that are criminal or promotes illegal activities or hate speech. Massblasters will not send out sms that’s considered to be harassment or bullying.

All sms will come with opt out options or opt in options. Massblasters will not be responsible for your reputation or the sales of your business or brand. We just send out the sms for your campaign. If you choose to hire a massblaster influencer from the community to send out your messages, make sure that you check out the users credentials, and make sure that the user that you use to send out your sms is legit, Massblasters will not be responsible for your sms message campaign, if you choose a influencer to send your sms from our community. They will be no refunds from massblasters when you choose a massblaster user. It is not guaranteed that the users will perform the task accordingly.

Where do massblasters send the text messages to?
Mass blasters can send mobile text to active mobile phone numbers nationwide and international. Mass blasters can send text messages to WhatsApps numbers.

How to order sms text messaging packages from massblasters?
Fill out the form regarding your target audience and demographic, and you will then receive a payment invoice via email or via text message