How to earn money from signing up with Mass Blasters if your in the USA, and CANADA or INTERNATIONALLY

1. Register to, create your Mass Blasters profile.

2. Then send out a group  text from your mobile phone to 20 personal contacts numbers and friends, Including the  Mass Blasters number in the text Mass Blasters number: 929-491-0750

3. This is what the message should say. will send out millions of mobile text messages like this promoting your brand or business, as well as have social media influencers promote you. is a classified site that allows you to post for free allows users to create their own bets and win instant cash.
To stop receiving these text, text stop. If your interested in any of these services, go to their websites.

After you complete these steps. Massblasters will send $ 5.00  via Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo or Zelle. email your payment information after you complete the steps.

How to become a massblaster influencer.

1.  Register to Mass Blasters. Create your profile. Put your social media  page information and contacts,  Explain how you can promote brands, businesses and companies on your Instagram live, Facebook live, you tube live , twitch, tiktok, or any social media platform

2. Can i promote businesses and brands only on my social media live? No, you can promote businesses and brands anywhere on your social media page. You may post on your stories, or simply post on your page, give a shout out.You  must negotiate that with your client. You can also send SMS text messages to your followers.

3. Do i have to pay Mass Blasters a percentage of the deal between me and the brand or business? No, all profits go strictly to you.

4. How can i advertise with Mass Blasters ? Email


  1. Massblasters is not responsible are liable for business that is conducted with the users on our platform.  If you chose to do business with any users that’s on the platform, make sure that the user is legit and do research on him or her before you send them money.
  2. Massblasters is not responsible for your reputation or sells.