How it works is that you choose the type of person or public figure that you would like to promote your  business or product. This means the number of followers, their audience and demographic. And category that best relate to your product or business. We then select the best influencers for you. Your able to choose as many  of influencers that you want.

You then choose the amount of time and days that you would like the influencer  to post for you., and whether you would like them to post on their stories, feeds, or  on their live platform.

Prices will vary amongst the influencer, so prices will not be the same for each influencer. Services may also vary, some  influencers may be willing to only post for a limited amount of time, and some may only allow to post on their stories and not their feed, or maybe only their lives.

Fill in the details

Within 48 hours we email you a invoice with the price list